Fort Collins Youth Rugby

Fort Collins 15 Chaparral 20

Fort Collins played Chaparral on Saturday in there first home league match of the season and saw the score change hands as momentum changed from one side to the other with the final score of Chaparral 20 Fort Collins 15.

Fort Collins started the match and immediately put pressure on Chaparral keeping the ball deep inside their territory. After several nice attempts to score Chaparral was caught offsides at the 10 minute mark of the match and Ethan Middleton hit the penalty kick to put Fort Collins up 3-0. After the kickoff Fort Collins moved back into Chaparral territory and with some great pressure near the goal line and a turnover Todd Oswald scored the try and with Ethan’s conversion the score was 10-0. Chaparral kicked off and stepped up the pressure and with pressure in Fort Collins territory was able to score a try to bring the score to 10-5 where it would stand at halftime.

Second half saw a change in tactics by Chaparral and with just 3 minutes into the second half and up and under kick by Chaparral was caught by the fullback and he was able to race for a try and give Chaparral the first lead of the match at 12-10. Chaparral kept up the pressure with more kicks and with a penalty deep in Fort Collins territory they were able to make the penalty kick and extend the lead 15-10. Fort Collins didn’t let up and kept up the pressure with the match moving back and forth until a quick pick from the ruck by the scrum half and a run down the sidelines for the try put Chaparral up 20-10 with 7 minutes to go in the match. Fort Collins didn’t let up and put the pressure back on driving deep into Chaparral territory and with Mitch Yake crashing from 7 yards out Fort Collins tightened the lead to 20-15. In the final few minutes Fort Collins kept the pressure on Chaparral with some great runs but was unable to finish them off and at the final whistle it was Chaparral 20 and Fort Collins 15.