Fort Collins Youth Rugby


Fort Collins 17 Ridgeview 5

An aggressive defense and some great positional kicking saw Fort Collins stifle Ridgeview and come away with a 17 to 7 victory in their first league match of the season. Kudo’s to the man of the match Martin Bautista with his attacking from the flanker position that created many mistakes by Ridgeview in the backfield and also to Justin Whitehead with his first time at scrumhalf with some strong running and great defense that included running down a Ridgeview player to save a try.

Match started with a strong crosswind but from the opening kickoff Fort Collins drove down the pitch and put pressure on Ridgeview in every phase of the game causing Ridgeview to commit penalties that gave FCYR good field position and in the tenth minute of the match a penalty kick by Ethan Middleton put FCYR up 3-0. As the half went on the wind changed direction giving Ridgeview an advantage and just before halftime it looked like Ridgeview would take the lead when one of their players broke several tackles and was off to the races only to be caught by Justin seven metres out from the try zone to save the try and cause a turnover. Halftime saw Fort Collins up 3-0.

Second half gave the wind advantage to Fort Collins and with it the kicking game came into play more for field advantage, which once again caused Ridgeview to make mistakes and a penalty kick by Ethan put FCYR ahead 6-0. Ten minutes into the second half and another mistake by Ridgeview at the twelve metre line saw Justin take a quick tap and slice thru the Ridgeview defense to score the try and put FCYR up 11-0. More pressure by FCYR caused penalties once again by Ridgeview and once again Ethan put another penalty to extend the lead to 14-0. With seven minutes to go in the match Ridgeview finally struck with a long run to get right back in the match with a converted try that put the score at 14-7.

Ridgeview did get a spark from this and drove the ball back down the pitch from the kickoff and inside the 22 but once again a penalty would end their drive and with a quick kick by Ethan, Ridgeview was driven back behind their 22 where FCYR converged on the fullback and stole the ball, while trying to drive in for another try Ridgeview was forced to commit another penalty, which Ethan put thru to put the match out of reach at

17-7 where it would end at.

Next up for Fort Collins is the Rocky Mountain Classic at Thunder Ridge High School this Saturday starting at 10:00 a.m., then next Wednesday will be the first home match of the season at Greenbriar when they take on North Side at 5:15 p.m. in their second league match of the season.

Fall State Championship

The Fort Collins High School girls team was on the short end of the 15 -14 score in the Fall State Championship match against Summit County.

The match was as close as the score indicated with three lead changes. Summit scored first on a penalty kick to go ahead 3 to 0 following with a try off a loose play several minutes later. After missing the conversion kick the score was 8 to 0.

Sadie Anderson broke through the Summit back line, and converted the kick to make it 7 to 8 just before half. The Summit forward pack controlled the match playing in Fort Collins territory most of the first half. After halftime, a highly entertaining rugby match was enjoyed by a sparse crowd of supporters.

The Fort Collins forward pack came alive and even though some serious hitting and loose rucks contesting the ball took place for the rest of the match there were no major injuries reported. In the heat of the game a number of penalties were incurred by both sides but none lessened the intensity of either side.

Shortly into the second half Sadie Anderson made an amazing run evading several Summit players before she was taken to the ground, regained her feet and took the ball in for her second score of the evening. After the conversion kick Fort Collins lead the match 14 to 8. For those only watching the ball carrier on the play you missed the equally amazing sight of the forward pack following right on Sadie’s heels throughout the run supporting her all the way to the try line. There was some confusion as to who actually scored with the mass of gold jerseys down there!

Midway through the half Summit was awarded a penalty at the 5 meter mark and scored on the tap and go. After the conversion kick, Summit lead 15 to 14, and were able to hold it until the final whistle.

The high points of the evening began with Fort Collins accepting the award for 2006 Team Sportsmanship in the Championship Division. Almost lost in the announcements were Sadie Anderson and Ali Kosakowski making the State All Star Team! Congratulations on both team and individual honors!

Summit and the Fall Rugby Classic 10s

Saturday saw a full day of rugby with the Fort Collins Youth Rugby Girls playing Summit to a 5 all tie in their league match and finishing second in the Fall Rugby Classic 10’s tournament.

The league match against Summit saw a lot of defense by both teams and at halftime there was still no score. Second half saw Fort Collins drive deep into Summit and when Summit tried to kick the ball clear it was blocked and scored on by Ali Kosakowski. The match continued to be a lot of defense including Fort Collins holding Summit out of the try zone for several minutes. Finally on the last play of the match Summit was able to get it wide and score in the corner to end the match in a tie.

In the 10’s tournament 12-teams played in 2 divisions of round-robin play, which Fort Collins played Highlands Ranch in the first match and won 32-0 and Littleton in the second match, winning 17-5. In the Championship Fort Collins played ThunderRidge and fell behind at half 10-0. Second half showed better play but with the amount of matches played the team was running out of energy and with a last second penalty kick, ThunderRidge won the Championship 13-0.

FCYR Girls vs Chaparral

Fort Collins Youth Rugby Girls season started last Saturday with a league match against Chaparral at Greenbriar Park in Fort Collins. This was a rematch of last May’s State Championship and saw Fort Collins rebound from a 10-8 deficit to win 18-10. The kicking game played an important part of the match in the second half to keep Chaparral in trouble and lead to scores by Fort Collins. Scoring trys for Fort Collins were Sadie Anderson, Sarah Travers, and Hannah Wilson with a penalty kick also by Sadie. Next match for Fort Collins will be Saturday, September 23 against Summit in Silverthorne.

Fort Collins Youth Rugby Girls finish 4th in the National Championships

Congratulations to the Fort Collins Youth Rugby Girls with a 4th place showing at the National Championships. All the teams were evenly matched and the competition was top notch though the weather was not to the liking with rain all weekend and the pitches all severly waterlogged. A recap of the girls matches:


First match put us up against Lakewood, Ohio (Ohio State Champions and 2nd place in the Midwest). Under rainy conditions and a waterlogged pitch we changed our gameplan to do more kicking and chasing in these conditions. Lakewood came out with a good rucking team and the first half showed both teams having some good stops near the goaline to keep the game scoreless until with just a couple minutes left Lakewood drove in for the score and a 7-0 lead. Fort Collins answered right back with a kick and chase down the pitch that was then kicked further down the pitch where Karen Hunt fell on it for the try and at halftime the score was 7-5. Second half saw Fort Collins take the lead early when another kick and chase took place and this time Alex Berry chased it down and fell on it to score the try, conversion hit the upright and Fort Collins led 10-7. The second half then became a battle of defense and field position with Lakewood driving down the field only to be turned away time and time again. With no time left on the clock Lakewood had one more attempt rucking the ball down the pitch using penalties and rucks to drive to inside the five when they pitched it in to one of their flankers and she fell into the try zone. The referee looked closely at where the ball was and then signaled held up in try zone, no score and the match was over. A great stand by the forwards at the try line to ensure the win!


Semi-Finals saw Fort Collins taking on Kent, Washington, the number two seed and the Northwest Champions. This team posed a challenge as they had both a strong pack and some good backs including the fullback that could really kick the ball. First half in this match saw both teams move inside the 22-metre line but both teams defenses picked up and stopped any attempts at scoring. Midway thru the first half saw Fort Collins once again inside the 22 when Kent’s defense picked up and tried to kick the ball to safety but was blocked and caught by Karen Hunt and taken in for the try. Karen also made the conversion to give Fort Collins a 7-0 lead. Kent answered back about 5 minutes later with a weakside overload to tighten the score at 7-5 and then with only about 5 minutes before half found another weakside overload and with some good passing was able to score the try and take the lead going into halftime 10-7. Second half looked a lot like the first half with both teams driving inside the 22 only to have the defense stiffen and be driven back including a great stand by Fort Collins inside their 5 to keep Kent out. Finally on the last play of the match Kent was able to drive it in for the score and end the match with the win 17-7. A great game by Fort Collins as they never gave up and only needed a small break and the results could have been different, this was also one of the first times that we played in weather conditions like this with the pitch being almost completely under water and it definitely hampered our style of play. Still a great effort by Fort Collins and I’m proud of each and every player.


Sunday’s match for 3rd place pitted us against State College from Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania State Champions) and our intentions were to play for the win but to also make sure that every player that traveled to Portland, Maine would play. First half showed State College with some big hard runners that were tough to tackle and Fort Collins playing somewhat flat at the start. By halftime State College had scored 4 trys and three conversions and were up 26-0. In the second half Fort Collins woke up and started playing much more aggressive ball and spent almost the whole half in State’s end of the pitch. With about 10 minutes to go in the match Karen Hunt took a pitch split the centers and broke thru the fullback to get Fort Collins on the scoreboard with the try and conversion 26-7. Fort Collins then came right back when Alex Berry pitched to Karen and looped around her for the pitch back and also split the centers to score and with Karen’s conversion the match ended with the final score being 26-14.


Congratulations once again for a great season, ending it with a 14-2 record including being the Colorado State Champions for the third year in a row and 4th in the Nation.


I did find out that Divine Savior beat Kent, Washington in the Championship match but it went to overtime kicks as they were tied after regulation and overtime 5-5. It then went to place kicks with both teams tied at 2-2 into the 11th round before Milwaukee made the kick to win the title. Here are the final standings:

1. Divine Savior (Milwaukee)

2. Kent, Washington

3. State College (Pennsylvania)

4. Fort Collins

5. Lakewood, Ohio

6. Bud Bay (Olympia, Washington)

7. Portland, Maine

8. KARNS (Knoxville, Tennesse)